What do I look for in a friend?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

As I think of it several qualities come  to my mind. See if they match up with yours .

1st a real friend  is genuine. This means that person is really your friend  and  not nice to your face & cruel behind your back. 

2nd major quality is trust. If u can't trust a person ,he or she really isn't a friend. Trust  is at the core of real friendship. 

3rd vital quality is acceptance. Real friend accept each other as they are.Each of them are different. A real friend let's you be you. If u have to put on an act or wear a mask around people, they are probably not your real friend. 

4th is encouragement. Real friend encourage & root for each  other. Life  can be tough. At times we are hit by blows that makes us feel like giving up. A real friend is one who comes with an uplifting word or sign of support. 

The last is enrichment. The mark of real friendship is when we care enough to confront each other about things that are wrong .

Well let's some it up the 5 qualities we have talked about are all marks of a real friend. Friends who r genuine, trustworthy, accepting, encouraging and enriching are special. They are more valuable than Money or cheap popularity, which many of us pursue so desperately. If u find them don't let them go

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