Mobile a Blessing or a Curse

Thursday, June 30, 2016

                            Mobile  means which possess great mobility.Everyone has a mobile phone today.It is very difficult to imagine our life without a cell phone as most of our work is done using it. Mobile has totally changed the way people interact.You can do so many things with it... like text-msgs, play games,mails,music etc
                               Few years back mobile  were used only to make or receive calls,now there has been a tremendous change as technology has developed a lot and still developing.Having a top brand and latest mobile is a prestige thing now,hence people buy it for status and show off purpose as well. Each and every thing has its advantages and disadvantages,so does mobiles.

                               ADVANTAGES OF HAVING A MOBILE
 -Fastest means of communication
 -Multiple uses 
 -Helps in emergency
 -Improves knowledge
 -Gets to know what happening around the world
 -No need for a landline telephone
 -Constant internet access
 -Provides employment
                             DISADVANTAGES OF HAVING A MOBILE  
 -Added costs 
 -Privacy leak
 -Hinder real human interaction
 -Unwanted things
 -Sleepless nights and get tired
 -Disturbs others
 -No time to spend with family
 -Not good for health,affects eyes and brain 
                            According to me,mobiles are a great invention but they still have many issues.You have to protect yourself from the bad effects of mobiles if u choose to have it. 


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