Tu hi tu hai !!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

From Morning waking up ki masti
To making you sleep past midnight ki kusti

Tu hi tu hai!!!

From hi.....hello,bye bye and tata...
To your playing full time in powder and atta

Tu hi tu hai!!!

From A for Apple, B for ball.....M for Mausmi
Mumma and J for Jash......
To every night of your Mithi Goli ki Dukaan

Tu hi tu hai!!!

From every half an hour of your jeera
To full house pe your toys ka dera....

Tu hi tu hai!!!

From funny face and sweet smile
To nautanki wale looks ki style....

Tu hi tu hai!!!

In these 5 years you have given us such lovely and sweet memories that i have just 1 thing to say...
Jash..Tu hi tu hai...!!!
Each Day with you is a fun day and i dont need any Sunday....
Wish you will always be same for us .
My little Prince....for us ....it is always Tu hi tu hai!!1


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  1. Wonderful words direct from a mothers Heart.

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