Sunday, July 03, 2016

  Each day spend with kids is blissful. I feel so happy when i see my son growing from the little baby to toddler. Each day spend with my him  is a memorable day. Parenting has to go through a lots of phase of life like a sweet roller coaster ride filled with fun and erotic twists and turns. Every parent always give there 100% efforts in the upbringing of their children's. Its a different phase of life where you need to be more caring and cautious about kids.A single mistake can bring a lot of troubles in your child's upbringing. Children's go through different stages in life,therefore i have created my own parenting styles. Some of them are:-
  1.   I always spend quality time with my him. He deserve  undivided attention.
  2.   I have a lot of patience.Patience is one of the most important quality.All kids are naughty but they are innocent too.Screaming on them makes no sense.
  3.  I always avoid hitting  him. Which can make him  arrogant.
  4.  I always appreciate my son for all things.
  5.  I always listen to my son before reacting. Being a good listener is a part of parenting.
  6.  If we want our child to do something good,first we need to try out that ourself. Kids love to follow the footsteps of their parents.Parents should be the live examples for their children's.
  7.  I always think from my childs point of view.If he does a mistake i put myself in the same situation.Always think from your childs point of view.
  8.  I always show and express my love to my him.All parents do but some times its necessary show it to them.
  9.  I always get involved in my sons studies so that his interest grows in it more.
  10.  At the same time i also set certain limits for my him.I always keep my discussions up to a certain level with him. I be his  friend when he needs me.


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