My Best Friend

Sunday, July 10, 2016


My best friend brings out the best of me and i just wanted to tell her that she is the best and that she will always be in my heart  forever.... am blessed to have her in my life,even though i moved to a different city she is still the same for me. Best friends dont necessarily have to talk everyday.They dont even need to talk for weeks,but when they do its like they never stopped talking. We  dont live close to each other,so grabbing a drink or meeting at a yoga class isn't a option.Really connecting with her ,sharing everything about each others life,doesnot require specific geography.
     Nobody can replace her.She is always there when i needed.She is very kind and always listens to what i say.We are not scared to tell each other any truth ,no matter how difficult it may be.We always guide each other in times of need.She is always genuinely interested in the good and bad and always calls or writes just to say hello. We always feel comfortable with eachother.She turns my Worst  day into one of the best days . She makes my good times better and hard times easier.
      When i see her going through this though time right now, I cry because she deserves so much better.I wish i had a magic band to make it all fine . She has recently gone through an Surgery & she is still not well and I wanna be there with her through all until the end because i love her so much. I honestly don't think I've ever loved someone more than  her because she is always here for me and has never given up on me. I thank God for bringing her back in my life because i m happy we met and i love her. She is like my second Mother and Mentor. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her because she supports me with everything and makes me believe in myself.
       She has done so much for me that i dont know how I'll ever be able to repay her. Nothing or no one could ever create misunderstanding between us because our bonding and trust upon each other is so much that we cannot even listen to any bad words against each other.I wish our friendship goes very far and forever. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We do argue and all such stuff but the same day we make up and we are still friends.I  dont have to pretend everything is  okay,when its really not. When i m with her ,i can really drop the fake smile and put on a real one.I feel safe and loved when i m with her.
I dont feel insecure or sad as you show me that you really do care.I really appreciate your company because with you i m different. I may not be able to solve all your problems but i promise you wont have to face them alone.Just want to tell you that 
                      1 UNIVERSE
                      9 PLANETS
                      204 COUNTRIES
                      809 ISLANDS
                      7 SEAS AND I HAD THE PRVILGE OF MEETNG YOU.
  Our life is full of roads as we travel on ,some we try to forget and some we wish never pass. But there is one road that i will never regret passing...ITS WHERE WE BECAME FRIENDS.

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