Proud Mother .(Parenting)

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

In my sons School there was an Andy's Adventure Day in week's time and the elimination round 
in two day. In this day you can take any adventure starting from letter 'A'.
In this internet age , finding anything isn't  tough .But while making the final choice i asked my 
son as to what he want to become, he said he want to become an actor ( Salman khan ),but i 
was not convinced with his idea , I thought about many things like Ice Skimming, Athletes
Alligator and any more.Mean while my husband came and said let us make him  Amir khan      
 and be dressed as  Pk   [a very famous movie].
I  am a very Jittery parent ,worrying endlessly but my son  is very confident and cool just 
at the age of 5. I got all his costumes but was not getting the radio which was the most  
important prop in making him PK .Till night 10 pm i could not manage, call almost all friend 
and relatives but could not manage. Then finally decided to make radio myself from a 
cardboard and then in around an our managed to make it.
Then teach him the dialogue, reciting it twice and he was done. He wouldn't practice a
third time.The next day morning i was very tensed he declined all my requests for 
rehearsal and went to school. Surprisingly He  was selected to act on the final day.
This time i wanted him to practice properly before the day of competition but he  was as 
usual very calm,casual,doing just what he likes and just practiced once or twice. In my dreams 
i was imaging my self in my son's placed with my mother making him practice continuously.
I was not able to sleep that night as the simple acting felt like a screen test on is totally different.
He slept well and went in the morning to school like any other day.
I was looking at him. He was so very confident and positive.I was very busy on that day but at
the back of my mind, i had a feeling that he  will do well or not in the competition.That 
afternoon when he came back from school result were still not announced. He just told me 
that he was the 1st person on stage so made little mistake while acting, but i reacted very
normally and said it ok son.The next day he came from school jumping and saying mom i got a 
certificate.He had won 2st prize.

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