The Girl Child

Saturday, September 17, 2016

            In Indian society girl child are considered as curse. When the doctor says"Its a boy" all faces beam in joy and pride and all are relief at that  announcement. Every couple yearns for a son and is totally disappointed if it is a "Girl". But why? when a girl is born, 'Laxmi' has entered our house it is said so. Why than there are sorrows at the birth of a girl child? 

             Perhaps in the past all used to think-A daughter means tremendous responsibility to see that she is beautiful, to see that she is adept at household duties, to see that her character is good, her modesty intact!  And the biggest fear was dowry. Would parents be able to afford it?  Would daughter be happy in the new house?  But for a son they think , he would carry on the family name, family business and support his parents in there old age. 

            But today these all fears are baseless. Girls have just as must intellect as boys.  They are equally educated, even can earn and support their families and can stand on there own feet. In fact we can say girls are expert in balancing both their homes and their career.

            The old mind set must change and it can be done only with Education and Awareness. The government too is doing efforts for this. There is a ban on tests to determine the sex of the foetus in the mothers womb. There are also law against dowry demands. 

             It is heartening to see that girls are becoming more self dependent and self confident today. There is a ray of hope where there are cases seen where the bride turns down the groom for demanding dowry. But still much needs to be done. Strong steps should be taken, out to welcome the"Girl" child into the world with pride and happiness. 

               Why people rape the girls at home, public place, schools etc?  Why girls are attacked by the acid and why girl child becomes victim of various men cruelty. We worship many female goddesses at various festivals however never feel a little bit kind to the women living in  homes. A girl can be beautiful daughter, mother, wife than why to kill them before taking birth. 

               Now a days girls ate working in all fields with men by meeting shoulder to shoulder. In order to promote the campaign of save girl child, Prime minister of India, Narendra modi has launched another campaign called "Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao" which means save the girl child and educate her.
  "Education is every Girls right"

- बेटी बचाओ 
Save the Girl Child....

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