Some Best Places To Visit In Hongkong

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The city of Hongkong is extremely beautiful. It is well known for its major attraction DISNEYLAND. There are many places of interest, such as, the Victoria Peak, Ngong Ping 360, Wong tai Sin Temple and the Ocean Park. Being a famous city, hundreds of people come every day from various parts of the world to do business or to enjoy the sights of the city. Hongkong therefore has large and beautiful Airport and its harbors are full of ships.

During my stay in Hongkong, I went out every day with my friends to Explore and see every corner of  the city  to see the beautiful and interesting places  of the  city. Disneyland & Ocean park are the two places which are highly  recommended .The day  to the Disneyland  went smoothly. There are  lot of fun activities like  rides which are all good, safe and comfortable. The shows are all good and  for me the toy story land was the best....the show showing all continents while riding on a slow boat was so reminded me of my childhood.

 Another day we visited the Ocean Park. Its an amusement Park. It has many rides and thrills.
The major attraction is the Ocean world. It has a grand Aquarium. I enjoyed every moment here.

And that's how my 5 days with Hong Kong came to an end. 

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