The Chimelong Paradise.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chimelong Paradise....

Want to share my experience at Chimelong Paradise ,a theme park in  Guangzhou, China. The ChimeLong Resort is a five star  theme park resort .With a good selection of world class Roller Coasters.I booked the hotel direct and the operator’s English was of a good standard .The pool at the hotel was lovely and  we spent our good time in the resort pool.

The really awesome part about this hotel is that there are atrium where there are tigers and flamingos just hanging out and you can view them while eating breakfast or while you are enjoying a drink at the bar.  Kind of like a zoo at the hotel.  

We spent really great  three nights at the resort which was the right amount of time for us. We booked our tickets for the theme park at the hotel and the staff were extremely helpful ensuring that our needs were met. We visited the water park and it was so much fun. The safari on wheels can't be missed. Animal interactions, children's park and other exhibits were fun.

We even visited the International Zoo and it was wonderful. ChimeLong was as good as everyone kept telling us, it is well worth a visit and is a dream holiday location for kids and adults alike!!

         It was a fun trip & a must visit place :)

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