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Monday, August 21, 2017

Today's very big question every Indian citizen has, is am I secure?

Everyday we read in newspaper incidents of theft, Sexual harassment, Molestation and Rape.

In spite of progressing and developing in to various sectors and with completion of 70 years of independence we do not feel safe in our own home country.

If we look at the stats today Rape is the fourth common crime against women in India.  Indian women are continuously facing numerous problems such as sexual harassment, violent victimization through rape, human trafficking and many more.
What should women do in the wake of continuous attacks on women?

Let's talk about the event which I attended about Women Security Awareness held by Godrej security solutions in Mumbai on 17 Aug 2017.
       The main objective of this campaign was to create awareness among women to be more proactive and take charge of their own security, educate them about the various solutions and also educate them about the importance of learning self-defense for leading a safer and secure life. Over 150 women participated from different walks of life pledging to take charge of their security

There were many guest from different sectors who attended the event and spoke on the security measures which included   Atul Khatri,  Sunil Mehta senior VP from Godrej, Mehernosh Pithawalla, Global Head - Marketing, Sales & Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions Division; Sandhya Shetty, model, actor, TV presenter and karate champion; Harshada Patil, legal expert on cases pertaining to sexual harassment, senior representatives from the police force, Lata Dattatray Sutar, Dig, Sachin Patil, Senior IPS officer.

All voices echoed stating women should take charge of themselves.
Let me share few points discussed by the panelists
Sandhya Shetty, emphasized on women learning self-defense  and be more aware of their environment and the security threats. Also she mentioned how learning Karate made her feel more secure and confident opined, “As they say, prevention is better than cure.
Addressing the event, Lata Dattatray Sutar, Senior Female inspector, stated “While the police department is working relentlessly to ensure safety and security of women in the society, it is equally important for women to become more aware of their surroundings, rights and take charge of their security. A collaborative effort will further help to fight against this issue.

         Adding to Lata’s opinion, Mehernosh said, "We need to make a fundamental change in our behaviour and be more proactive about security. Society is getting more tech-rich and empowered, and yet we remain as vulnerable to crime as before. One of the biggest impediments to the adoption of security solutions in India has been a reactive attitude towards adopting solutions to safeguard one's valuables and loved ones.  Today’s safety and security anxieties are tied up not just with personal safety, but with safety of our loved ones at homes, workplaces, schools and campuses, public places and so on. Hence it is important that women too now take charge of their security and pledge to keep themselves as well as their families secure too.

 SAFETY IS IN OUR HAND- For this Godrej Security Solutions introduced it latest range of WiFi enabled DIY CCTVs called EVE. The Eve series is capable of directly streaming videos to the mobile handsets of the home owners, and helps one to watch over their loved ones from across the world. The EVE range of CCTVs has an auto-record function.

         Godrej Security Solutions introduced three of their latest innovations on this platform. The three products are a plug and play wifi enabled CCTV camera that allows you to watch over your loved ones from across the world on your phone, wifi enabled video door phone and a plug n play burglar alarm system called Eagle I-Lite that raises an alarm when unusual motion is detected.

Stay Safe.. Secure your loved ones.. Stay happy..!!! #IamSecured, and so is my family.. Are you?

To know more on how you can secure your home and family, please download the Safety booklet:

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