How low will humanity stoop? Mumbai is so unsafe for women and girls.

Friday, August 11, 2017

SHAME!!!! SHAME!!!! SHAME!!!! 

The rape cases in our country have become so frequent that it is shameful. Every day there is some or the other such horrific news. ! In one of the loathsome cases of sexual assault in the financial capital of the country, four-year-old girl a nursery student was allegedly raped by a peon inside a renowned Seth Juggilal Poddar Academy in Malad. The peon allegedly sexually assaulted the girl inside a washroom of the school for 4 days. Angry parents gathered around the Seth Juggilal Poddar Academy in Malad, protesting and demanding better safety for their children. The school’s principal tried to reassure the infuriated parents and the said that they would replace all the male staff inside the school building with female staff, including PT, computer and dance teacher. Male security guards posted at the gate would not be allowed to come inside the building and more CCTV cameras will be installed. Flustered parents gathered outside the school building demanding that the school be closed temporarily until the investigation is completed. They also said that the school fees would not be paid. And also asked for confirmation of safety of their kids. I just wana ask the school authorities Why has there been no official statement from the school principal or board? Why did the class teacher not notice that a child so young had not come back from the washroom after so long?  And wana ask the mother that how did she not notice the change in her child for four days? While the case is pending, my heart goes out to the little girl who has suffered such an abuse at such a tender age and i hope she finds the courage to overcome this assault. I advise all mums and dads be extra vigilant about their kids safety, and keep a keen look out for any sudden changes in their bodies and personalities.


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