Sarabhai vs Srabhai take 2

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

 Ratna Phatak Shah: Maya Sarabhai

Guys sarabhai vs sarabhai is back with a bang!!! And as always i am truely
mesmerised by maya sarabhai look in sarabhai vs sarabhai take 2

She is a fashion icon for all of us. Confident, elegant, powerful she has set a fashion style statement for old women as well as young.

Here are the top most 5 trends set by Maya Sarabhai

 Elegant upmarket cotton Sarees :-
Maya sarabhai proves that you dont always need a sexy skinny short dress to prove your style statement. Her character is all about sophistication and her choice of elegantly cotton sarees proves it.

Ohhh laaaaa blouses:-
Sarees always donot signify gharelu (homely) types non fashionable. The style of her blouses are from boat  cut, tieup, halter neck, deep necks emphasing on all women that by wearing a saree also one can look beautiful and sexy.
Jewellery :-
Jewellery as always are a women's best friend and treasure for life. Maya sarabhai made her co-protagonists get over bulky jewellery and made her style statement by wearing chic jewellery. How often shal wr come across people who believes wearing delicate or less is more?

 Lovely white and greys :-
I love her for this. Keeping it naturally white and grey makes her again a style statement for older womens. People are ashamed of white and greys should learn from her. Keeping short and less hassle her hair just looks flattering with Indian wear.
 Night Gowns :-
When her co-protagonists wore ironed sarees heavy jewellery during night sequence she was on of us. Seriously guys who wears ironed saress and heavy jewellery during night? Looking at her satin 
night gowns she has set an perfect example of sensualness for today's modern young girls. 

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