Thursday, November 16, 2017

It’s the job of the parent to help and protect there children and teach them.
It’s also our job to pass on the values and character that we have learned and find of value and importance to us. We teach them about God and the purpose of life. We teach them about how to be honest and why and how to be friendly and why.
As its always said “A parent's relationship with his or her child will be reflected in the child's actions”.

Here are few points which I think we as parents need to follow:
1. Always praise your childrens efforts :  Parents should always praise there childrens. Be it a some point like acknowledging him/her for finshning his/her tonight or thank him for helping his/her siblings. Just a simple pat or showing a thumsup and giving him/her kisses can work wonders in your childs behaviour . Many childrens crave for such praise. Just a simple acknowledge can create a positive impact on childs behaviour.
2. Be humorous : Make joke or say something which makes them smile. Always listen to their jokes and smile with them.
3. Remind your child to be proud of themselves: Tell them to be proud of themselves this builds confidence in them.
Tel them to help others, be kind to others etc.
4. Take interest in your childs interests :
Whatever he/she likes do show your interest in that. Ask them what they like, what they love to do etc. Let them choose topics of interest for certain activities.
5. Be open minded:Dont put any pressure on your child. Dont pressurised your child with anything which he/ she doesnt like.
When children feel like they won’t be judged or made wrong, they are more likely to talk to us when there is a real problem.
6. Be a role model : if u want your child to be honest than you should follow that first. If u wont be honest with your child or with others he/she wil learn that only. So if u want your child to be honest to be a good person than first you have to follow all things and be a role model for him/her .
7. Acknowledge your child feelings: understand them when they are nervous as maybe there are doing something for the first time. They maybe frustated because the math homework maybe would have tough for them. They are disappoinment because they didnt got invitation for they friends birthday party etc.. so always remember to be empathetic towards them.Also, let them know that you are there to help in any way you can.
8. Reward good behaviour : Providing positive reinforcement helps your child learn what they are doing well, and makes them want to repeat that good behaviour . Always praise them for the good work done by them. Also try subtle positive reinforcement with smiles, nods, and hugs.
9. Boost your child to read Good Literature: Stories are a great medium to develop good habits and manners in your child. Good literature teaches your kids to imbibe good morals  and have a positive attitude towards life.
10. Start early : It’s never too early to develop good habits and manners in your child. Remember, kids as they grow older show resistance to changes that disrupt their set routine. Introduce them to good manners and good habits like dental hygiene, reading, heading to bed early, healthy eating, saying thank you and sorry, greeting others and many more as early as possible.
11. Create a Positive Environment: It is only in a safe, positive and a secure environment that a child learns, grows and flourishes. Create a happy and comfortable environment at home and try to always have an optimistic frame of mind around your kid.

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