The Winners of the Digital Women Awards 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Digital Woman Awards, an annual award recognizing outstanding women in digital sectors around the region. The Digital Woman of the Year Award  recognize outstanding girls and women in digital sectors globally and the organisations that support them.

The Digital Woman Award is destined for one or more women*, 18 years of age or older, who live and/or work in the specified geography and distinguish themselves through leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship, social-focus and/or innovative discoveries, and who are positively impacting the number of girls and women participating in digitally-driven or digitally-enabled areas of study or work. The Digital Women Awards was held  on Nov 19th November 2017. Vast number of entrepreneurs had gathered together to celebrate innovation and digitalisation in the digital space. The event saw panel discussing on managing your business through digitalisation technology. 

And a mesmerizing performance was given by the pop star, Monica Dogra.

Over the last two years, the awards have seen over 15,000 applications. It was the top trend on Twitter  the whole  evening, beating Ed Sheeran. The energy and enthusiasm in the room was giantic. A mix of determination, innovation and creativity was evident.

The moto of this awards are that the winners will be future leaders, game-changers, board members, executives and entrepreneurs, sportswomen and politician. As every woman pursues her goals, it is their conversation they want to hear. Their conversations need a voice and they want to be that. They are an active and positive part of a change.

The effort is to recognise individuals and organisations who demonstrate a pioneering and sustainable approach to digital transformation across public, private and non-profit sectors. Thus  celebrating individuals who are leveraging digital opportunities to transform India’s potential is must.
The purpose of this awards is that all the women entrepreneurs who have created a new market using the digital medium across any field or market which has disrupted an existing space, a unique offering with a strong business impact and has used the digital advantage to enhance the ease of doing business comes together and exchange they views with each other.

Thus, a creative lead in the digital medium for any product or service is spearheaded by a female professional belonging to an agency or marketing head or even an in-house digital creative team.
The impact of this awards is that they want to maximise the digital dividend to reach and impact people and community, using digital as an enabler. The systems and services connected to the digital and online space are improving quality of life. This could be quality of health through eHealth/mHealth services, quality of education though eLearning/mLearning, providing financial services to the unbanked, and the direct improvement of the earning capacity of people and nations’ GDP by opening up new markets, providing trade information and tools. These benefits are the dividends of digital penetration and the enablers of this wide reaching platform of digital. It’s embracement is worldwide and effective.

Also its helps in Ecommerce,
Those women-led Indian websites, apps or facilitating technology that have demonstrated excellence in their use of the Internet as a platform for eCommerce. These are also open to platforms that facilitate the ordering and electronic payment of goods or services, including but not limited to ticketing and online booking
Storytelling and content creation are at the heart of the country’s digital revolution. For the first time, platforms that make content their centrepiece will be recognised. Building communities, niche content themes, marquee social media campaigns housed on digital platforms, sectoral efforts to build knowledge on anything from business to bollywood, successful blogs to travel website all can be talked and discussed and many things one can learn from it.

And The Winners of the Digital Women Awards 2017.

Had a great time  and was overwhelmed by attending this awards as i learned many digitization themes technology. It will definitely help in my business ahead. Thanks and kudos to Womens digital awards.

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