Kasino Bar Malad.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

 I have lots of friends, sometimes I feel it's good and sometimes I feel it's bad as you need to meet them all and cherish your friendship, in this hectic life to keep with all friends, all my weekend calls for hanging out and the quest makes me to explore more and more new places. With the same intentions we decided to visit to newly opened Kasino Bar in Malad(w).

A place that lets you feel grandeur from the point you enter. I recently visited this place and it was simply astounding. This aweful inspiring place which has an expanse of around 3000+sq ft and has all that you need to spend your amazing time. The live music was really mindblowing!! It also has an amazing and big dance floor. The food is just mouthwatering and yummy. The mocktails and cocktails are also really too very good. The well crafted menu has been in the hands of chef Saif which makes it good to savour & sip!!

This place is extremely beautiful with amazing card themed decor and ambiance. We tried a couple of drinks and food which didn't disappoint us at all 

1:Mini bun_less spicy veg cheese:  burger mini veg patties mixed with green onion, cilantro, chipotle, black pepper, sambal , topped with lettuce , cheese slice , cherry tomato , served with sambal mayo.really  Perfect for diet freak.

2:Papas ala saif-it we a very good dish and Chef saif ^ signature dish,it had fried potato discs  , topped with yellow pepper cheese sauce & black olives.

3:Tiny potato cheese lolllypop- It had Spicy mayo, mini mashed potato cheese balls mixed with shallots , parmesan cheese, garlic powder , black pepper , stuffed with mozzarella cheese , coated with breadcrumb n fried . Served with spicy mayo made with mayonnaise, chipotle & gochujang( Korean hot pepper paste ).
The lollypop was soft and crispy from inside. Very  nice garlicky taste.

4:Spicy chipotle mushroom-loved this dish a lot it was just wonderful, button mushrooms tossed in olive oil with onion , garlic, in spicy chipotle pesto sauce ( chipotle pesto is made of chipotle chill,, parmesan cheese , almonds, red bell peppers , garlic, black pepper, olive oil , tinge of tomato) The icing on the cake was surely the pesto sauce.

5:Sambal cottage cheese-Cottage cheese cubes , tossed with onion, garlic, bell peppers, in spicy sambal sauce tipped with green onion n cilantro. It had superb Asian flavours which was very tasty.

6:Harumaki-It was something very unique and really outstanding. Japanese spring roll stuffed with bean sprouts , mushroom , carrots, cellophane noodles tossed in sesame oil with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, black pepper, pinch sugar , sake ( sake _ pronubciation saa_ kay, is a Japanese rice wine. It was not a typical spring rolls

7:Fried fatayer- middle eastern pie or samosa _ generally it's baked but here they fried, samosa dough stuffed with spinach, feta cheese , parsley,sumac , zatar, served with tahina  mayo ( tahina  is made of sesame ). As i dont like much fried i liked this dish a little less.

8:Korean cheese nachos-Spinach flavoured tortillas, topped with gochujang spiced cheese sauce ( gochujang is a Korean hit pepper paste ) , bell peppers, green onion , black olives, coriander, mozzarella, cheddar n parmesan cheese.

9:Vegan over loaded cheese nachos- Crisp tortillas layered with vegan chipotle cheese sauce( made of cashwenut , almond , almond milk , chipotle chill,)  topped with spicy refried  beans, chill beans ,  jalapeno, scallions, cherry tomato , served with tomato salsa. I liked this much more than Korean nachos.

Casado: This is a Costa Rica meal. In the center there is a pile of rice on the sides are beans , tortillas , fried plantains, salad , sauteed veggies , grilled cottage cheese steak in the form of protein in tomato basil sauce. Loved the presentation and would recommend to try this dish.

Vegan crunchy cake - Fried vegan cake made of chickpeas, hearts of palm, mixed with old bay seasoning ,( old bay seasoning is made of bay leaf   paprika , dry mustard   black pepper , celery salt , ginger powder,all spice , clove powder , nutmeg , cardamom , cinnamon , mace , sweet paprika ) coated with Panko  breadcrumbs,(Panko is a Japanese white flaky breadcrumb) served with vegan mayo  n tomato salsa. I didnt enjoyed the dish overall.
Umm  ali-It Means ali'mither.  It's an Egyptian dessert.  Croissants layered with milk, topped with double cream, dry fruits like raisins , pistachios , almonds , coconut flakes, layered again the same way but in the second layer the cream is layered on top n baked in the oven. It was yummy and delicious in taste.
U can call umm ali a puff pastry pudding/ bread pudding.

1:Dragon fruit mojito-A very refreshing drink which is made from extracts of dragon fruit with the blend of lemon, sprite, crushed ice and mini dragon balls.

2: Pineapple, cilantro, jalapeño punch-its a spicy mocktail based on jalapeño. The combination of salt on the side of the glass with every sip made it really good in taste.

3:Ying yang martini ( non alcoholic ): It was a mix of chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, superbly garnished with shaved chocolate & m& m. Loved it a lot.

4:Basil mojito- It was simple and basic with muddled basil & lime  crushed  ice and  topped with ginger ale. I found this mocktail little average.

5:Pepper black: This was mix of black currant crush , grape juice , lemon juice , black salt and white pepper. It was  little spicy.

1:Chocochip chip cookie shake: A really very well presented milk shake. The sides of the glass had cookies all around it. It  was Nicely Blended chocochip cookie , with some whipped cream ,vanilla ice  cream, chocolate syrup , milk , topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream , chocochip cookie and vanilla ice cream  sandwich   chocolate swirl, garnished with broken broken chocochip cookie. It was truly yummy.

2:Oreo2 cookie shake- This was also good in taste crumbled oreo , milk , whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce , chocolate ganach , topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, oreo cookie, garnished with crumbled oreo. Kids loved it.

House Special:
Vodka captain Morgan: Malibu, blue Curacao, sour mix, absinthe , pineapple juice , topped with ice cubes n dry ice. I liked it, overall it was too decent.
Cocktail _ SCANDAL : RED wine , whiskey , orange juice , ginger ale. It was simple.
Cocktail _ pokemon  evoo_ lution-Vodka , kahlua , Bailey's, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, topped with oreo cookie. It was really good in taste.
Flaming Lamborghini-this was my favourite. kahlua, Bailey's, blue Curacao, flambeed with Sambuca on a tower.

Was wowed by the look of the place as soon as I walked in the place. It was really exceptional and amazing. Very friendly and hospitable staff. They were very generous with the food they served and explaining history behind most of the dishes. Overall I had an amazing experience would recommend everyone to have a visit. Kudos to the team here for serving us some really amazing food and enlightening us with the history behind few of them.

For more information and reservations
8Th floor, Synergy court, kanchan a, malad (west)
CALL=022 30151458
Cost for two=1200rs approximately

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