True Meaning of Valentines Day!!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

I don't know what is Valentine's day ! 
Maybe it's a day when you express your love to your beloved, but what if it's expressed everyday then everyday is a Valentine's day.

I don't know what is a Valentine's day !
Maybe be it's a day when you get Red Roses for your beloved, but when you walk with your beloved hand in hand through life's bed of roses and thorns with a smile, then everyday is a Valentine's day.

I don't know what is a Valentine's day !
Maybe be it's when you go out for dinner at high end Cafe's, but when you get your coffee with extra sugar or no sugar depending on makers mood.. it's new Everytime ..then everyday is a Valentine's day.

I don't know what is a Valentine's day !
Maybe buying expensive gifts, dressing up with best outfits, but coming home not knowing what will be on the other side of the door, Mona darling or Dhona darling it's daily Valentine's surprise.

I don't know what is a Valentine's day !
Expressing, Receiving and Giving Love is in everything we do for each other, is a feeling that cannot be told ... it can only be experienced .. for us everyday is a Valentine's day !

It's that time of the year once again where we look forward to sending flowers , greetings, gifts, and so much love to our loved ones, to our better halves.., to whosoever we love with all our heart and soul !.... Yes ! It's Valentine's Day coming closer.. isn't the excitement building up already??!!
Although everyday is like Valentine's for loved ones.....this special day makes it even more meaningful as we express it out in different ways to our loved ones much we love them forever n ever...!!

Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world ....for some  it's the evergreen... Romantic candle light dinners, or a long drive together or a Romantic getaway with lots of gifts to exchange....It solely means to spend the best and quality time with each other and make the most of it!

What makes this day even more enduring is by Remembering and loving our Parents on this special day and expressing our love for them, it is the least we can do but also the most important nothing matches the unconditional love they always shower on us!

We all love to spend time with our soulmates on Valentine's day.. pampering and showering them with heart shaped gifts/chocolates, Red flowers and so on.....but how about thinking out of the box for once this Valentine's Day!!....don't we all love to do things a little different each time?
Yes!!! We Do! 

We can't count the endless blessings God has bestowed on us...parents to take care of us..loved ones to share our beautiful lives with ..children to love....,material benefits!! And the list goes on...
Now Let us think of those less fortunate ones....who as parents in the old age home wait eagerly to be loved by their children...they wait to spend some quality time with their loved ones....
For those little children at the children's home...who are unaware and deprived of many things and love in their childhood .

For the ones in the Hospital battling their lives with serious illnesses ...who don't even know if they would see the next Valentine's!

These people need more love than anyone else...they need to be Hugged and Loved even more.....and what better Day than Valentine's express .love and..spend time...and make a day in someone's life worth living and smiling! They surely deserve more than this! 

Let's make a small difference in someone's life and make our life worth living in true sense.

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