Future Pilliars of the community

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Child is considered as the future pillars. It’s the responsibility of the Parent to nuture good character, competence and make them innovative.
All this comes by making them build strong faith in accepting challenges , overcoming obstacles, respecting others
Below are few tips which I would like to share with all the parents which will help you a lot in your child's vacation.

  •  Always have at least two meals together with your kid. Teach them the importance and hard work of farmers and ask them not to waste food.
  •  After every meal let them wash there own plates. Children learn dignity of labor from such kind of activities.
  •  Allow them to help you in cooking. Let them make there own vegetables and fruit salad.
  •  Everyday Learn five new words in English and note them in a notebook.
  •  Visit three neighbors and build a rapport with them
  •  Visit the grandparents and let childrens bond with them. There love and emotional support is very important for your child. Click pics with them.
  •  Take them to your workspot and let your child understand thst you work very hard just to support the family.
  •  Donot miss the local festivals and local markets
  •  Do encourage your child to raise a kitten garden by planting seeds as knowledge about  plants and trees is an integral part of your child's growing up.
  •  Share stories about your childhood and your family history
  •  Allow your child to play outdoors, let them get hurt and dirty. It's okay for them to fall down and experience pain once in a while. Comfortable life within the sofa cushions will make them lazy.
  •  Allow them to adopt a pet dog or a cat or a animal, bird or fish.
  • Teach them a few folk songs.
  • Get some story books with some colorful pictures
  • Keep you children away from TV, mobile phones, computer and other electronic gadgets as they have there whole life for that.
  • Avoid giving chocolates, jellys, cream cakes, chips, aerated drink and too many bakery products like puffs and fried items like samosas.
  •  Look into the eyes of your little ones and thank God for giving you one - wonderful gift. In a few years from now, they will be soaring into greater heights

Always remember as parents it is important to invest your time with them .

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