Kalari Kids On Pogo.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Finally its summer vacation and all mums are just looking for something new,exciting and creative for their kids. Pogo is totally set to make your kids vacation super cool and exciting with its brand new show kalari kids which is created by Green Gold Animation.

Set in the magical jungle of Kalaripuram, Kalari Kids is the story of two teams, both believers of two very different methods. One is led by Guru Palan, the other by Guru Veta. While Guru Veta is a preacher of the rigid military method of teaching, Guru Palan believes that learning comes in al environment of fun and comfort. The two teams - Beenu, Meena, Shyam, Unni and Ami in Team Palan, and Raaka, Dhaana, Mani, Lekha, Langot and Monster in Team Veta - are pitted against each other during their training sessions and Kalaripayattu, the kids go back to their regular life and enjoy playing pranks on each other.

With a unique Storyline and fresh visuals, I am sure ,‘Kalari Kids’ is a must watch for your children. kids will also learn about the ancient martial art form from Kerala – Kalaripayattu. And the best thing about this show is that it has fun title track has been created that is a mix of Indian classical music .

I was invited along with my son to witness the premier of this show at Infinitymall Malad. It was a fun filled event and was a pleasure to visit the event hosted by Momspresso in association with
#Pogotvindia and take a tour of kalari kids 360 booth. My son jash enjoyed thoroughly as he got to know more about his favorite characters and also trying out the signature kalari kids moves. All thanks to Momspresso and Pogotvindia for inviting me . Do watch the show on Pogotv  every Monday to Friday at 5pm and the best thing is the show is available in three different languages – English, Hindi, and Tamil. Do watch this one with your kiddos!

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  1. Will definitely make my son watch the show on PogoTV