4 Top Camera Accessories To Have In 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Thanks to the easy availability of the good quality cameras in an affordable price range, many people are becoming amateur photographers these days. Some of them are turning this passion into a serious career choice as well. But having a good DSLR is not enough; you need some great accessories if you really want to pursue photography as a hobby. To help you out, here are four top camera accessories to have in 2020.

1.A good camera bag is a first and foremost thing you need to have when it comes to accessories. And by bag it doesn’t mean the standard bag that comes from most sellers; they are good when you are first buying the camera, but as you buy more lenses and accessories, that bag just won’t be enough. So, you need a backpack like a bag that comes with multiple slots for all kinds of accessories and other storage spaces. They also come in a shoulder bag or sling bag format but backpack like bags are better because they will distribute the weight equally between your shoulders. Camera with gears becomes quite heavy so carrying them in one shoulder is not a piece of good advice. 
2.The next thing you need is a good tripod. And you should never compromise when quality when it comes to choosing one for your camera. A good tripod is a must if you love still photography especially landscape photography or low light photography. The cheap plastic ones should be avoided as they can break and destroy your costly DSLR. So, invest in a tripod that can carry twice the weight of your DSLR for safety purposes. 
3.A polarising filter is the next camera accessories that should be in your camera bag. They are a must if you are into landscape photography. The main job of this filter is to reduce the reflection of shiny objects like a water body. It also helps you take shots of beautiful clouds in the sky by darkening the skies. 
4.Just buying things to help you take a great photo is not all about camera accessories to buy in 2020; you also need accessories to keep you DSLR in perfect shape. And one such item is a camera air blower. They are a must if you are doing a lot of outdoor shooting. The job of a camera air blower is to clean your lenses from any dust that may have accumulated there before you take the shot. It can also be used to blow away fine dust particles from other parts of the camera and its accessories.

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