Saturday, May 09, 2020

Menstrual  health and hygiene  has been an everlasting problem.We can sacrifice other things but periods don't stop because of pandemic.The women get their period (menstruation) once in a month. It is a biological process that every women have to face in their life time. In average, women/girls menstruate equivalent to 10 years of her life.In india the lockdown and it's extension impacts access to menustral hygiene products and the ability to maintain hygiene during periods in privacy and with dignity of girls and women. First, while the economic and social impacts on all are severe, they are more so for women. Many of the industries in the formal economy directly affected by quarantines and lockdowns—travel, tourism, restaurants, food production—have very high female labour force participation. Women also constitute a large percentage of the informal economy in informal markets and agriculture around the world. In both developed and developing economies, many informal sector jobs—domestic workers, caregivers—are mostly done by women who typically lack health insurance and have no social safety net to fall back on. 

At the same time, women typically shoulder a greater burden of care. On average women did three times as much unpaid care work as men at home even before COVID-19. Now, formal sector female employees with children are balancing one or more of the following: work (if they still have it), childcare, homeschooling, elder care, and housework. Female-headed households are particularly vulnerable.

Second, the crisis is having an impact on women’s health and safety. Apart from the direct impacts of the disease, women may find it hard to access much needed maternal health services given that all services are being directed to essential medical needs.Sanitary napkins and many other hygiene products are not clearly listed under essential goods, leading to supply issues accross the country . A lot of women are facing issues in getting the essential sanitary napkins delivered because most online portals are refusing to deliver items that are not listed under 'essentials'. 

With the aim to help menstruating women amid the national lockdown over COVID19 pandemic , in  partnership with everteen, I am going to distribute Free Sanitary Pad to the needy women and you can help me in this.To help the needy women, go to www.SheNeedsPad.com and give the details of woman whom you want to send free sanitary pad. Everteen will send free sanitary pad to her on your behalf.
Or you can create a similar video appeal and share that video on your social media so that this message can reach more & more people.Also you can donate money at www.sheneedspad.com. The donated money will be used to meet the delivery charges and to serve more & more needy women.

I guess this is the best opportunity to serve our country in this tough time.

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